When you have nothing to do.. when all the work has stalled, when you feel like why you took this project, when nothing is moving ….
best thing to do is this “blog” πŸ™‚

Here is a layout of 2 bit multiplier …:)

the layout

the layout

No wonder Pentium processors’ layout looks “STICKY”


Simulink Passion

Passion for Simulink


While chatting with her i was interested in the source-code and while searching i landed up over here..:)


hope you enjoy … talking to her ..:)

This Post Intentionally Left Blank

its 4 (am) – my phone alarm is ringing and to supplement it is my cute little alarm clock… for past many years i didnt wake up so early. i switched on the fm in my phone. Tuned in to the “FM Rainbow” and after a long listened to the Gaussian noise (probably) πŸ™‚ .

While the other channels were providing better noise than the gaussian (there was’t much information in it ). i was waiting for something ‘something which i used to wake up for when i was small’. It was 4:30 then 5:00 andΒ  still it was the noise.(my favorite noise not because it is fully governed by mean and variance “i like this noise both in TV and Radio”)

It was around 5:45 the gaussian noise changed to a hummmmm sound “I remembered of the rainbow colors in television which was usually accompanied with this particular sound”. (“DDK CHENNAI is also used to be written in it”)

All of a sudden it comes I was waiting for it for past 2 hours or so as if it were few years… i still can’t express what i felt then. although i don’t know much about it still it was superb.

Have you ever listened to it ????

I was waiting for someone to do this. Working on batch of 2008 πŸ˜‰ .



HE.pdf – refers to the 2006 paper.

2007 paper- refers to the 2007 paper which is also written by the same person who wrote 2006 paper

flipf- refers to a 13 bit input output flip-flop

clk- clock

inp- standard input to the file

oup-standard output from the file

inpr- real input similarly oupr

inpi- imaginary input similarly oupi

prefix t to any variable like toupr- to show its temporary variable or wire, in verilog

prefix d to any variable like dinpi- to show that it is a delayed input

precision.pdf – a paper to decide the bit length

ccmul – a complex multiplier

csdmul- a complex cannonical signed digit multiplier

ncsd- new csd multiplier

ultimate – a xls file which was the result of Murali and EC’s work

superultimate – a xls file which the newer version with inprovements over ultimate

r4- 4 point fft

r16 – 16 point fft

pre64-Β  a misnomer it is not related to 64

bf1 – butterfly 1 (something related to fft architecture)

bf2 – butterfly 2

first2- the first two stages together is know as first stage

synchronization – to make two independently working blocks work together (really a big head ache)

overtime- any work after 6 in the evening

implementation- to put everything in the hardware

cow- probably the last cownter of our this summer project πŸ™‚

spoj- the magical word to wake it.(you know who ?)

game of life- a game which we played in matlab for few dayz. huh….

as of now this much only. if you dont understand anything “just leave it Its time waste for you”.